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Jiangyin Fuhui Textiles Limited

Jiangyin Fuhui Textiles Limited ("Jiangyin Fuhui") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fountain Set Group (which is controlled by Chinatex Corporation Limited). It is located in Jiangyin Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 700 mu and a building area of about 320,000 square meters. The company currently employs approximately 3,300 people. Jiangyin Fuhui mainly produces different types of high-grade knitted fabrics. The production process includes weaving, dyeing, dyeing and finishing.

Jiangyin Fuhui was established on April 19, 2002. It is planned to be invested in five phases, with a total investment of over US$300 million. So far, it has invested more than 200 million US dollars and completed 320,000 square meters of workshops and auxiliary facilities (including weaving factories, dyeing factories, self-supplied power plants and staff quarters and other supporting facilities).

The main raw materials for the production of Jiangyin Fuhui are imported from abroad. The products are mainly exported to foreign countries, some of which are sold domestically. The main markets for export are the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. At present, the company is stepping up its efforts to expand the domestic market. It has successfully established long-term business cooperation with many domestic well-known clothing brands, and has become a reliable and reliable fabric supplier for many well-known clothing brands in China.

The company strengthened in management and further updated the management concept. It has successively obtained key enterprises in Jiangyin, advanced foreign investment enterprises, top 100 star enterprises, top 30 foreign trade enterprises, water control model units, advanced fire safety collectives, safe enterprises and advanced environmental protection units. , ecological civilization construction and environmental protection advanced collective, Jiangyin environmental green enterprise, Jiangsu environmental green enterprise, China Textile Industry Federation testing center testing certificate, cleaning begins with design certificate, AEO certification enterprise certificate, Oeko-Tex standard 100, ISO50001 Energy management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, clean production, safety production standardization (textile) second-class compliance enterprises and many other honors and certifications.

Manufacturing Facilities

Over 510 sets of Knitting Machines (Jersey, Interlock, French Terry, Rib, Flat-knit, etc.)

Over 270 sets of Dyeing Machines

Over 75 sets of Finishing Equipments (Stenters, Drying Ranges, Raising Machines, Sueding Machines, Compactors, Shearing Machines, etc.)

Fabric Checking Machines

Quality Control Testing Equipments

Light Fastness Testing Machines, Rubbing Testing Machines, Launder-ometers, Random Pilling and Snagging Drums, Shrinkage Testing Machines, Washing Machines, etc.

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