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Further deployment of China's textile industry to promote inspection and rectification work

On the afternoon of August 8, the Chinese Textile Party Committee held an expanded meeting to learn to convey the spirit of the morning CICC's inspection and rectification work deployment promotion meeting. Luan Richeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, presided over the meeting. Yuan Fei, deputy secretary and general manager of the Party Committee of the company, conveyed the speech spirit of Wan Zaotian, Deputy Secretary of the group Party group, and Yuan Jiuqiang, chairman of the discipline inspection group of the group Party group. Luan Richeng asked for the next step. First, we must attach great importance to ideology; second, responsible comrades should take the initiative to put themselves in, take the initiative to lead, take the initiative to dock with the functional departments of the group and take the initiative to rectify; third, rectify measures should be accurate, in place and feasible; fourth, work should be reported, practical and specific; fifth, conscientiously do a good job in democratic life and organizational life. Prepare for life. Party committee members, grass-roots party organization secretaries and two level companies are mainly responsible for the participation of comrades.

Subsequently, the Office of the Leading Group of China Textile Inspection and Rectification held its second meeting to study and implement the work of inspection and rectification. Yuan Fei stressed that: first, members attach great importance to the work of inspection and rectification with high quality; secondly, they should study the rectification plan carefully, understand it one by one and examine and reflect on it; thirdly, they should carefully organize, thoroughly analyze and refine the rectification measures; fourthly, they should strictly focus on the problems and carry out the reform; fifthly, they should strengthen the office responsibilities and have politics. We should take the responsibility, grasp carefully and achieve good results. Li Deming, member of the Chinese Textile Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission, attended the meeting, and members of the Office of the Leading Group of China Textile Inspection and Reform Work attended the meeting.

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