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Luan Richeng listened to the four Department's inspection report on rectification work

On the morning of August 23, Luan Richeng, secretary and chairman of the Party Committee of China Textile Industry, chairman of the leading group of the company's inspection and rectification work, chaired a meeting to listen to the progress of the rectification work of the four departments in charge, namely, the Ministry of Strategic Investment, the Department of Party Work, the Department of Retired Cadres Management and the Ministry of Agricultural Industrialization. Section work is deployed.

Since the end of July, the four departments have made detailed reports on the progress of the inspection and rectification work, the problem of identification and the implementation of the rectification work and the next plan and arrangement. Luan Richeng made inquiries about key links, key issues and key measures in the rectification work.

In his speech, Luan Richeng affirmed the phased results achieved by the previous inspection and rectification work of the four departments, and pointed out that the four departments and the main comrades in charge attached great importance to the ideology of the inspection and rectification work, devoted a lot of energy, promoted the work in an orderly manner and made substantial progress. For the next stage of work, Luan has put forward five requirements:

We should continue to learn and understand in order to ensure the implementation of the work.

We should continue to study in depth the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the inspection work, the speeches of Comrade Yang Xiaochao, Yang Yiwen and the statements made by Secretary Lv Jun on behalf of the Party group and the requirements for the inspection and rectification work. We should always regard the inspection and rectification work as a serious political task and the most important work at present, in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee. The CPC Group of Gongzhong Food Group is deployed to further enhance its political position, deepen its ideological understanding, strengthen its responsibilities, and ensure that all levels of responsibility are compacted and implemented.

Two, we must conscientiously do a good job of phased summing up, and constantly calibrate the direction of work.

The main units of the rectification work should closely adhere to the "six in place" and make a serious periodic summary of the previous stage of inspection and rectification work. It is necessary to sort out and disseminate the situation of learning, problem identification and decomposition, formulation and promotion of rectification measures in an all-round way, to find out in depth the gaps and deficiencies existing in the implementation of the rectification work with problem thinking and problem orientation, to focus on solving outstanding problems, to ensure that the whole rectification work is free of blind spots and dead corners, and in a timely manner. Summarize the experience and achievements. Through summarizing, we can further enhance our ideological understanding and calibrate our work direction, laying a solid foundation for the next stage of work.

Three, we must strengthen communication and cooperation, and systematically promote work.

The Office of the Leading Group for Inspection and Rectification should play a coordinating and coordinating role. The functional departments should take the lead in strengthening the guidance and inspection of the rectification work of various business companies by pointing out the areas and threading the needles. At the same time, they should actively strengthen communication and do a good job in linking up and coordinating the projects that need to be coordinated. Missing items. At the same time, we should incorporate some new problems found in the process of inspection and reform into the overall reform plan of China's textile industry in a timely manner, clarify the objectives and tasks, clarify the main body of responsibility, and do a good job in the implementation of the reform.

Four, carefully check and check, open up a democratic life and organize life meetings.

Opening a democratic life meeting and organizing a life meeting is the key work in the next stage. It is a test of the effectiveness of the previous inspection and rectification work, a touchstone to measure the implementation of the "six in place", and also a serious political life within the Party. Party organizations at all levels in China's textile industry must attach great importance to holding democratic life meetings and organizing life meetings. They should earnestly do their preparatory work in accordance with the requirements, truly put themselves in, put their responsibilities in, put their work in, make careful comparative checks and see things through their minds. Through holding democratic life meetings and organizing life meetings with high quality, we will further improve our political standing, unify our ideological understanding and add new impetus to the completion of the inspection and rectification work.

Five, we should continue to intensify our efforts and do our best to improve the work of the latter half.

Inspection and rectification work has entered a critical stage. Time is tight, tasks are heavy and requirements are high. We must respect the end as we begin. The tighter the work is, the more realistic the work will be. We must never relax our minds. We should always adhere to the "six in place" standard and intensify efforts to promote follow-up work, especially accountability, the conversation, the criticism of the criticism and the handling of the treatment. We should earnestly adhere to the political task of unshakable rectification, implement the standard without distortion, abide by discipline without relaxation, and complete the inspection and rectification with high standards and quality, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's textile industry.

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