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China National Textile Corporation logo

Explanation of the meaning of the logo:

The emotional link between corporate culture or development strategy and brand image generally includes: description of logo form, composition and meaning of graphic elements.

Form description:

The logo of China National Textile Group, with its "Zhong" character as a prominent visual intention, indicates that China Textiles has become the backbone and vision of the industry, conveying its own central enterprise background and diversified development strategy; the language of "chain" The way reflects the enterprise's industrial chain, supply chain and win-win chain; expresses the vitality, affinity and professionalism of the enterprise with smart green, warm orange and deep blue; symbolizes the opening of the enterprise with the unity of color and form Equality and sharing. The overall shape is simple, dignified and atmospheric, with a strong cultural heritage and distinctive characteristics of the times.

Connotation meaning:

Clothing and food

China Textiles is determined to "wear and eat the world, benefit the people's livelihood", and the logo portrays the deep understanding of the people's livelihood.

As far as the "clothing" is concerned, the logo constitutes an orderly connection of "spindle" with the abstract elements of "species" - "leaf" - "flower" - "real", forming a gorgeous cloth ribbon, and the long sleeves and graceful dances. The variety of life.

In the case of "food", the logo depicts the whole process of life growth with the "leaf" and "flower" and "fruit". It uses the endless reproduction and symmetry, meaning the source of nature and sustainable development. Inexhaustible power.

Based on food and clothing, China Textile uses a safe food and clothing product to serve the society and sincerely builds the cornerstone of people's livelihood.

supply chain

China Zhongfang, Shuntian Yingren, adhering to the "China" big book, following the "harmony" approach, weaving "win-win chain" with value and growth, and seeking common development and mutual benefit with upstream and downstream partners; Integrity and stability to create a "supply chain", so that all business is efficient and orderly, all the way.

Acting, creating, transcending, sharing

China Textile has different meanings. The logo reflects the arrogance of the Chinese textile people in the colorful form, the aura of creation, the ambition to transcend the spirit, and the unity of the sound and behavioral rules of the Chinese textile people. The balance of action, corporate atmosphere, tolerance, employee unity, cooperation, to achieve harmony between people and enterprises, shared growth.

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