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Zhucheng Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co., Ltd.

Founded on December 10, 2002, Zhucheng Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in No.437 Beihuan Road, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 258 mu. It was invested and established jointly by Chinatex Corporation and Zhucheng Rili Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Sunshell Group) with registered capital of CNY60 million, including 80% or CNY48 million invested by Chinatex and 20% or CNY12 million by Zhucheng Rili Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Chinatex G-Way is a medium-sized textile enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various blended yarn products, with 130,000 spindles, 6 vortex spinning machines and three workshops.

The company places high emphasis on technical progress and product innovations. Its key facilities are the internationally most state-of-the-art models imported mainly from Germany, Italy and Japan, with the auxiliary equipment also representing the most advanced level domestically. By introducing vortex spinning, siro spinning, compact spinning and other new spinning technologies, the company has strengthened the research and development of non-cotton fiber and differential fiber blended yarn products with strong market adaptability that are able to satisfy the ever-changing market needs.

Upholding the philosophy of product differentiation, the company is committed to the research and development of products characterized by “Two Highs” (high-count and high-end) and “One New” (new-type fiber). Specifically, the first workshop produces cellulose fiber products (viscose, modal, tencel), mainly including pure yarn and cotton blended fabric; the second workshop, which concentrates on the cooperation and communication with Japanese chemical fiber enterprises, mainly produces new-type blended yarns and differential fiber and has cooperated with Japanese companies like Dongyang Textile, Toray and Mitsubishi to manufacture such special acrylic blended yarn products as fine denier acrylic, far-infrared acrylic and anti-pilling acrylic blended yarn; the third workshop produces 40-120 count multipurpose-fiber high-end polyester cotton yarn for use in knitting and dyeing.

The company’s products are well received in Japan, South Korea, France, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. It is the raw material supplier of Wacoal, Aimer, Maniform, Triumph, Schiesser and other internationally renowned Chinese brands, and is also the designated manufacturer of the yarn products used for production of uniforms of the People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department.

Chinatex G-Way has become one of the leading textile enterprises in Shandong Province, and plays a dominate role in the textile industrial cluster, one of the five leading industrial clusters of Zhucheng City.

Address: No.437 Beihuan Road, Zhucheng City

Tel: 0536-6567166

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