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Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corporation

Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corporation is formerly known as the Import & Export Office of China Textile Import and Export Corporation. In 1984, companies in the textile and light industry were designated by the MOFTEC as the first pilot companies to undergo reform in response to the development needs of foreign trade, and against this background, the company was founded as one of the earliest subsidiaries of the reformed Chinatex Corporation with registered capital of CNY106.43 million.

The company mainly specializes in the import, processing and sales of wool, chemical fiber, jute, wood, cotton yarn, frozen meat, wine, dairy products, snack foods and other products, and has been leading the industry for consecutive years in terms of its Australian and Uruguayan wool businesses.

The company has been engaging in the wool foreign trade business for many years and has gained a solid reputation in the international market. It has established long-term and stable trade relations with many Australian wool suppliers and enjoys a strong business credit. Throughout its trading history in the domestic market, the company has accumulated rich experience and established a stable domestic and foreign customer base with a good reputation among customers.

With rich domestic and international information resources, years of importing experience, and a relatively stable domestic primary processing user base, the company has been leading the industry in terms of import volume. Due to its high import volume and market share, the company has a strong bargaining power in the market and is highly-trusted by domestic customers. It has established stable and long-lasting business relations with many well-known domestic wool and chemical fiber processing enterprises and foreign suppliers.

After years of business practices and operation, the company now possesses a staff team with profound expertise, rich practical experience and pioneering spirit, and has established the business philosophy of “Creating value for customers by providing them with quality services, quality products and timely industry information”.

Address: Chinatex Mansion, No. 19 Jian Guo Men Nei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing City

Tel: 010-65285044

Fax: 010-65250616

Postal Code: 100005

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