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The leading group of the company pays new year visits to all cadres and workers.

Jin Guangxuan and Ying Qian Road, silver flowers dyed trillion trillion years.

On the morning of February 13, when the Spring Festival is coming, Luan Richeng, member of the Party Group, Vice President, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, Yuan Fei, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Company, Li Minmin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of the Company, Liu Xianfu, Member of the Party Committee and Chief Accountant of the Company, Chen Minghong, Member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of the Company, etc. The company leaders came to the relevant floors of Zhongfang Building, visited the cadres and staff who adhered to their positions, and paid New Year's greetings to all the Zhongfang people! uuuuuuuu I wish all Chinese textile workers happy and happy new year. As the New Year begins, let us also start a new life!

Luan Richeng and Yuan Fei came to the three floor room of the building and visited the comrades who were on duty in the computer room. The company leaders insist on the front line of their posts when the Spring Festival comes, and send their congratulations and sincere greetings to the comrades who maintain the operation of building equipment and facilities safety. At the same time, they emphasize that safety production should be put in the first place, resolutely eliminate potential safety hazards, enhance the ability of prevention, and ensure that no safety accidents occur during the festival.

In all business units, the company leaders fully affirm the outstanding achievements of each unit this year under the joint efforts of all of you. We hope that all Chinese textile workers will continue to carry forward the courageous spirit of overcoming difficulties and facing difficulties, and achieve good results in the new year again! uuuuuuuuu

In various functional departments, Luan Richeng carefully watched the party members' learning angle specially set up by the joint trial Party branch. While affirming the practice, he pointed out that the Discipline Examination Joint Branch is the grass-roots demonstration Party Branch of the COFCO Group selected by the company, and other grass-roots Party organizations are also highlighted frequently. This is a vivid reflection of the overall improvement of China's textile party building work. We should continue to maintain and develop it and promote the continuous progress of grass-roots party building.

Yuan Fei affirmed the hard work of comrades from all functional departments over the past year, regardless of gains and losses. While wishing you all the best in the New Year, he wished Sino-Textile a better future.

All the comrades in charge of Beijing's functional departments and business units accompanied the condolences.

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