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China Textile Oriental Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in June 1987,  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinatex Corporation (or Chinatex), Chinatex Oriental Trading Corp. ( or Chinatex Oriental) mainly focuses on manufacture and sale of garments.

Chinatex Oriental holds the principle of " Supermacy of Customers" . Relying on the  production-chain of Chinatex, through over 30 years' of effort, Chinatex Oriental has accumulated the ability to provide products and service in seriation and diversification, the world wide network of sales and marketing.   Based on the processing capacity of cotton/wool and chemical fibre, Chinatex Oriental has developed full range of knitted wool and cotton items, functional leisure/outdoor items. Chinatex Oriental enjoys a good reputation in Japanese, US, European and Middle East's  Markets with stable channels of customers.

Benefited from in depth of the supply-side-reform, the abundant experience of international market, Chinatex Oriental has developed proud achievements in domestic garment market. Based on Chinatex's full chain of high-tech yarn/fabric(such as fire/stain/static proof, anti-tear, abrasion resistant, radiation protection, water proof and breathable, etc.), the professional design team and the high quality productivity,  strict quality control system and online and physical channels, Chinatex Oriental has successfully established  reputation of culture-connotation -uniforms.  Chinatex Oriental provide service to many different industries, such as petroleum chemical, coal, power, forest, food, edible oil, construction, aviation, hospital and catering.

In the future, Chinatex Oriental, equipped with professional team and improved management of supply-chain,  will continue to provide professional uniforms and wool-knitted garments with more abundant choices, specifically images and higher quality.

Address: Chinatex Mansion, No. 19 Jianguomennei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Tel: (86) 010-65281122-0819

Fax: (86) 010-84085660

Postal Code: 100005

WeChat Official Account: Chinatex Oriental Chef Uniform Trading Network (WeChat Account: zgcsfjyw)

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